The Role Of Geospatial Data In Cybersecurity

Geospatial data relates to information associated with locations around the world. It often comes to mind when people use navigational apps. It does factor into those tools but could improve cybersecurity, too. Bringing Geospatial Data to Access Control and Asset Management Access control is a crucial part of cybersecurity because it ensures people can use […]

Open Bing Database Compromises 100 Million User Records

Bing mobile app users on every platform – including iOS and iPadOS – are at risk after terabytes of user information have been stolen from an open server. Data related to the mobile app for iOS and Android has been found in an open server, which was storing over 6.5TB of data and growing by […]

Comment: Vulnerability allows hackers full access to Instagram accounts

Security researchers at Check Point just-published research, identifying a Remote Control Execution (RCE) vulnerability in Instagram. The attacker would only need a single, malicious image to execute the attack. Check Point researchers summarised the attack method to three steps: In effect, the vulnerability gives the attacker full control over the Instagram app and turns it into […]

Shopify sees malicious employees steal merchant data: Security expert commentary

Return of Malicious Macros

News broke overnight that rogue employees at Shopify stole data from more than 100 merchants, which potentially exposed consumer data for those that shopped on the e-commerce sites using the company’s software. Compromised data may include emails, names, addresses, and order details. The employees have since been terminated, and the FBI is assisting in an […]

British Gas phishing campaign targets customers with offer of refund

British Gas is warning that customers may be targeted by sophisticated phishing emails claiming they are entitled to a refund of over £400. The company has identified the email address ‘’ as the sender of many of these scam emails and has warned customers that it is not a genuine email. It is also encouraging customers who […]