Three Steps To Manage Third-party Risk In Times Of Disruption

From suppliers and outsourcers, to service providers and distributors, a third-party breach can occur at any point along your supply chain. As attackers continue to look for ways to infiltrate companies through their partners and the third-party ecosystem continues to grow, so does this risk – last year, 59% of companies experienced a third-party data breach. And […]

Cloud Adoption – Is It Even A Choice Anymore?

In early 2020, we had plans, we had goals, we had a roadmap. But since then most things have changed. When O’Reilly fielded the annual Cloud Adoption report in early 2020, there was anticipation about the results, but even they must be looked at through a new lens. Some changes will fundamentally impact the trajectory […]

Test And Trace Whistleblowers to Expose ‘Chaos’ On Today’s Panorama

Following controversy and technical problems around NHS Test and Trace, BBC’s Panorama will hear from whistleblowers working inside the tracking system this evening. According to the BBC, these individuals are “so concerned about NHS Test and Trace that they are speaking out to reveal […] a system that does not appear to them to be working”. A […]

TikTok In The Firing Line Ahead Of Potential Sunday US Ban

TikTok could be banned from being distributed by U.S. app stores this Sunday if the US takes the case to a hearing this weekend. On Thursday, district judge Carl Nichols told the U.S. government to either delay a ban, or file their response to TikTok’s complaints against the ban by Friday afternoon U.S. time. If […]