Survey: 45% Of Cyber Security Attacks Fuelled By Lack Of Visibility Over IaaS Cloud Infrastructure

Rush to maintain business continuity means proper management over who has access to IaaS environments has slipped for many organisations SailPoint, the leader in identity management, has found that 45% of companies globally have experienced cybersecurity attacks fuelled by visibility and control deficiencies relating to the management and access of IaaS infrastructure.  The findings resulted […]

5 Reasons CISOs Need Security Operations, Automation, And Orchestration (SOAR)

Gartner defines SOAR (Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response) as the fusion of three technology markets — security orchestration and automation, security incident response platforms, and threat intelligence platforms — allowing organisations to define and manage incident analysis and response procedures in a digital workflow. But adopting SOAR is more than adopting new technology: it impacts […]

Commons Defence Select Committee Warns Of 5G Dangers

Unable to Provide Access to Encrypted Data

MPs have warned that the rollout of 5G will open UK up to security risks, according to a new report from the Commons Defence Select Committee. The committee said there would be a “greater surface for illicit actions”, as more devices are connected to the internet with the new wireless technology. In the report on the […]

9 Security Operations Center Essentials

You’re just about to build a security operations center (SOC). Or maybe you need to make sure the security operations team you already have in place has all the bases covered when it comes to protecting digital assets. Knowing where to start and where to focus can be a challenge in itself! To help you chart your […]

What Cybersecurity Lessons Can We Learn From The First Lockdown?

Following Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s recommendation to work from home at the end of September, many people in the UK will have begun to do so in October, invoking feelings of embarkation on Lockdown 2.0. October is also European Cybersecurity Month and, as employees again move away from the office and the additional protection it brings, this is a crucial juncture for individuals […]

US DOJ Seizes Domain Names Used By Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps

As you may be aware, The United States has seized 92 domain names that were unlawfully used by Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) to engage in a global disinformation campaign, announced by the Department of Justice yesterday. Experts Comments October 08, 2020 John Hultquist + Follow Me – UnFollow Me Director of Intelligence Analysis FireEye The DOJ has […]

Expert Advise On Cybercriminals Using Trump COVID-19 Illness To Spread Malware

Cybersecurity researchers at Proofpoint have observed cybercriminals launching a wave of email attacks, actively using US President Trump’s recent COVID-19 illness as a lure to try and trick users into clicking on a malicious document and downloading infected software. These attacks follow recent attempts by another cybercriminal group, who last week sent tens of thousands of malicious email […]

FIFA 21 Cybersecuirty Threats — Comments From Experts

On Friday, the wait is over and FIFA 21 becomes available to the general public, but with the game being so popular, potential cybersecurity threats lurk in the shadows. Experts Comments October 08, 2020 Chris Boyd + Follow Me – UnFollow Me Lead Malware Intelligence Analyst Malwarebytes FIFA games are enormously popular, and the target of […]

Multiple Vulnerabilities In HP Device Manager – Expert Insight

Accessed without their Consent

HP recently published a security bulletin to address multiple vulnerabilities in HP Device Manager, software that’s used to manage HP Thin Clients remotely. A combination of the three vulnerabilities could allow an attacker to gain remote command execution on the system through the HP Device Manager. Experts Comments October 08, 2020 Satnam Narang + Follow Me – […]