Comment: Wisconsin Republican Party Hacked For $2.3 Million

Hackers stole $2.3 million from the Wisconsin Republican Party’s account that was being used to help reelect President Donald Trump in the key battleground state, the party’s chairman told The Associated Press on Thursday. The party noticed the suspicious activity on Oct. 22 and contacted the FBI on Friday, said Republican Party Chairman Andrew Hitt. […]

Election Security – Cybersecurity Experts Commentary

40% of London councils have not tested DR plans

As we know, in the United States election security has been a top point of concern with so many aspects of the process vulnerable to attacks that can be exploited for personal or political gain. With experts citing security breaches as a top concern for the 2020 election, it’s more important than ever that strategies are implemented […]

Three Ways To Hack An Election: Election Security Is About Cybersecurity

In 2020, securing elections is chiefly a matter of cybersecurity. Since I founded Data Connectors in 1999, we have been fueling the collaboration of government agencies with cybersecurity professionals and solution providers. As a voter, I set out to see what they know that could help us understand more about the security of our electoral […]

36 Billion Personal Records Exposed By Hacks In 2020 So Far

The number of records exposed in data breaches and leaks has surged to 36 billion so far this year, representing almost 3,000 separate incidents, further extending 2020s status as the worst year on record, according to IT Pro. While organisations sustained an onslaught throughout the first half of 2020, the last 3 months to date extra […]