Experts Insight On New Cybercrime Tool Can Build Phishing Pages In Real-Time

A cybercrime group has developed a novel phishing toolkit that changes logos and text on a phishing page in real-time. The tool is named “LogoKit” is tracked by RiskIQ beleived to be install on more than 300 domains over the past week and more than 700 sites over the past month. It worked by sending […]

Expert Insight: Dark Web Criminals Selling Stolen Tesco Customers’ Account Details

A “treasure trove” of rifled personal data including user names, addresses and loyalty card balances was uncovered by the consumer campaign group. Cyber security experts say the information could be used to clone customer identities and gain illegal access to online shopping services. One seller on the dark web – hidden websites often used for […]

VIP Games Data Breach Exposes Millions Of Users’ Data

It has been reported that casual gaming provider VIP Games has suffered a data breach, exposing millions of records relating to users of the service. VIP games have more than 20,000 active daily players and includes the popular games such as Hearts, Crazy Eights, Euchre, Rummy, Dominoes, Backgammon, Ludo, and Yatzy. The exposed data includes usernames, emails, […]

Emotet Takedown – What’s Next

A global takedown operation has disrupted Emotet, a prolific form of malware active in 2020. Cybersecurity experts commented below on the takedown of Emotet and will it reappear in the future. 

Five Ways Businesses Can Pave The Way For Growth Amid The Widespread Caution Of 2021

In order to navigate the troubled waters of 2020, many companies were forced to invest in remote working technology, cloud adoption and the provision of online services. It was vital to prioritise technology innovation. However, this year brings a fresh set of challenges. Businesses must now look beyond merely surviving and focus on continued IT […]

It Is Wrong To Penalize Companies That Pay Ransoms – What Expert Says

As you may have seen the debate about whether or not companies should pay ransoms to cyber criminals has taken a new turn after it was suggested insurers were “funding organised crime” by accepting ransomware claims. Ciaran Martin, who ran the National Cyber Security Centre until last August, stated “I see this as so avoidable. […]

Expert Reaction On Apple iOS 14.4 Fixes Three Critical Security Bugs


Apple released the statement at its security update pages for iOS and iPadOS 14.4 that the there bugs affecting iPhones and iPads “may have been actively exploited.” and the new iOS 14.4 is released to fix these bugs.Apple didn’t provide the details on these attacks and it is unknown who is actively exploiting these vulnerabilities. Apple granted anonymity […]

Experts Reaction On Hackers Can Access Your Phone Number From Facebook

A database of phone numbers belonging to Facebook users is being sold on a cybercriminal forum, with customers looking up numbers using a Telegram bot. One person advertising the phone numbers says it contains data on nearly 500 million users, although the information is several years old. In 2019, a security researcher found 419 million records on an unsecured server, meaning no password was […]