Qualys Hit With Ransomware And Customer Invoices Leaked

Infosec outfit Qualys, its cloud-based vulnerability detection technology, and SSL server test webpage have seemingly fallen victim to a ransomware attack. Files appearing to originate from Qualys, including customer invoices, were dumped online, on the Tor blog of the extortionists, Clop, whose recent victims include Canadian aerospace firm, Bombardier.

Experts Reaction On PrismHR Hit By Ransomware Attack


It has been reported that the leading payroll company PrismHR is suffering a massive outage after suffering a cyberattack this weekend that looks like a ransomware attack from conversations with customers. PrismHR is an online payroll, benefits, and human resources platform serving over 80,000 organizations with 2 million employees and total annual payrolls of over $80 […]

Expert Insight On Ryuk’s Revenge: Infamous Ransomware Is Back And Stronger Than Ever

The chief technology officer provides an insight on new version of Ryuk ransomware after Agence Nationale de la Sécurité des Systèmes d’Information (ANSSI) warned that a variant of Ryuk with dangerous new capabilities has been spotted in the wild. The ANSSI wrote: “First observed in August 2018, the Ryuk ransomware has since been used in Big Game Hunting operations. It is characterized by the use of different infection chains and the […]