Experts On West Ham Utd Website Leaks Users’ Data

Enterprise Applications

It has been reported that the website of English Premier League football club West Ham Utd has leaked the personal details of the clubs’ supporters. The club website is showing several error messages including “Drupal already installed”. Experts commented below. Experts Comments March 10, 2021 Amit Sharma + Follow Me – UnFollow Me Security Engineer Synopsys Software […]

CEO Reaction On New Cyber Legislation

Return of Malicious Macros

A bipartisan group of House lawmakers has just introduced a new bill that would allow Americans to sue foreign governments and their employees for malicious cyber activity. The legislation was introduced as the federal government and global organizations continue to cope with the fallout of cybersecurity events.  Experts Comments March 10, 2021 Paul Martini + Follow Me – […]

Experts Insight On Critical Remote Code Execution Flaws, IE Zero-Day Fixed In Microsoft’s March Patch Tuesday

Affecting Microsoft Office

Microsoft has released 89 security fixes for software including the Edge browser, Office, and Azure that patch critical issues including vectors for the remote execution of arbitrary code. Experts below provide an insight on these critical patches. Experts Comments March 10, 2021 Tim Mackey + Follow Me – UnFollow Me Principal Security Strategist, Synopsys CyRC (Cybersecurity Research Center) […]

Expert Views: Microsoft Exchange Is Not The Issue, Email Is

The damage of Microsoft’s recent email hack continues as criminal groups rush to take part in the action, exploiting vulnerabilities and compromising victims before it is secured.  The attack targeted flaws in email software that allowed criminals to steal valuable data due to the lack of end-to-end encryption (E2EE). Unencrypted email, unless PGP, is just a […]

Experts Reaction On Tens Of Thousands Of US Organisations Hit In Ongoing Microsoft Exchange Hack

Windows Encryption Keys Could Expose Users to Hackers

It has been reported that tens of thousands of US-based organisations are running Microsoft Exchange servers that have been backdoored by threat actors who are stealing administrator passwords and exploiting critical vulnerabilities in the email and calendaring application. KrebsOnSecurity was the first to report the mass hack. Citing multiple unnamed people, reporter Brian Krebs put the number of […]

Cybersecurity Expert Insight: SITA Data Breach

000Webhost Breach

Global air transport data giant SITA has confirmed a data breach involving passenger data. The company said in a brief statement on Thursday that it had been the “victim of a cyberattack,” and that certain passenger data stored on its U.S. servers had been breached. The cyberattack was confirmed on February 24, after which the company contacted […]

US Govt Concern Over A Hack On Microsoft’s Exchange Email Software

Cybersecurity expert provides an insight on the news that the US govt has expressed growing concern over a hack on Microsoft’s Exchange email software that the tech company has blamed on China. Experts Comments March 15, 2021 Chris Hallenbeck + Follow Me – UnFollow Me CISO, Americas Tanium It has long been a tactic of […]

EU Banking Reg. Hit By MS Exchange Attack– Experts Reaction

The European Banking Authority, a key EU financial regulator, confirmed it has fallen victim to a hack of its Microsoft email system which the US company blames on a Chinese group. Microsoft said last week that a state-sponsored group operating out of China was exploiting previously unknown security flaws in its Exchange email services to […]