Secure Remote Monitoring – Why It Is Key In Fending Off Cyber-attacks

voip call and security risks

In the current crisis, secure remote access into the corporate network helps businesses configure systems, automate day-to-day operations, and ensure business continuity in the event of an outage. That is critical for any organisation, as the resultant downtime can lead to reputational damage and financial loss and even threaten its long-term survival.  Many factors are […]

RAT Targets US Taxpayers – Experts Insight

Cybereason published Cybereason Exposes Campaign Targeting US Taxpayers with NetWire and Remcos Malware, an ongoing phishing campaign attempting to take over computers using malware to steal sensitive personal and financial information. 

For Achieving Solid Digital Identity

Shall we start from these observations? – No safe and orderly societal life would exist without solid identity assurance. No solid identity assurance would exist without solid secret credential for identity authentication, whereas the text-password as a conventional secret credential is no longer manageable. Then, we will naturally get to the view that we could […]

Job Seekers Turn To Hacking Forums

“Desperate” job seekers are advertising their willingness to work for cyber criminals on the darknet and hacking forums, according to a new report from Check Point Research. This is a growing trend that researchers haven’t observed before, as the norm is for criminals to seek new recruits rather than the other way around. The research […]