Expert Warned That The Entire Internet Become Dangerously Geared

In light of recent events, many industry leaders are warning that the entire internet has become dangerously geared to just a few players such as Amazon, Google, and Microsoft services. The web outage revealed functional risks of any cloud computing monopoly, particularly in an era of remote or hybrid working.

NATO to Consider Military Response to Cyberattacks – 3 Defense & Cyber Experts Comment

In yesterday’s Brussels Summit Communiqué – Issued by the Heads of State and Government participating in the meeting of the North Atlantic Council in Brussels 14 June 2021, NATO alerts that it will consider on a case by case basis treating cyberattacks similar to physical attacks against allies. The communique indicates NATO may launch a military response […]

A 6-year Cyberespionage Campaign Uncovered In The Middle East

Cyber Con-Artists Prey on Victims

Kaspersky has uncovered a long-standing cyberespionage campaign against Persian-speaking individuals in Iran. The group behind the malicious activity—dubbed Ferocious Kitten—has been active since at least 2015 and delivers a custom malware called “MarkiRAT” that steals data and can execute commands on the victim’s machine. The malware also has variants that can hijack the infected user’s […]

Ensuring A Safer Web Browsing Experience: Using Ad Blockers To Fight Malvertising

Encryption in Seven out of Eight Android Apps

In recent months, an alarming number of cyber-attacks have taken place across a number of industries. Just this week, US based company Colonial Pipeline were victims of an attack that shut down their entire network for three days, which led to an emergency legislation being passed by the US government. With technology becoming increasingly advanced, […]

Security Threats To Minimally Staffed/Abandoned Offices Post Pandemic – Expert Source

Security Breaches are Inevitable

BACKGROUND: The pandemic was the perfect time to gain physical access to abandoned or minimally staffed locations. While the opportunities to tailgate and piggyback into facilities have lessened due to low foot traffic, it is still an easy way to gain access. With locations still being abandoned or minimally staffed, even today, it gives an […]

New Cybereason Ransomware Study Reveals True Cost to Business

84% of organisations that paid a ransom demand were hit again, 61% reported significant loss of revenue London, UK (June 16, 2021) – Cybereason, the leader in future-ready attack protection, today released research findings from a global ransomware study of nearly 1,300 security professionals that reveals more than half of organisations have been the victim of a […]

Ransomware Infects US Weapons Contractor

BACKGROUND: Following the news that US nuclear weapons contractor Sol Oriens has suffered a cyberattack allegedly at the hands of the REvil ransomware gang, which claims to be auctioning data stolen during the attack, expert commented below.

Expert Reaction On The World’s Largest Data Breach

BACKGROUND: The BBC report that the Irish Council for Civil Liberties issuing a branch of the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) and others over what it describes as “the world’s largest data breach“.

Expert Insight On ALPACA Attack

Traffic IQ Professional

BACKGROUND: Researchers have discovered a new type of attack, dubbed ALPACA, that exploits misconfigurations in transport layer security (TLS) servers to redirect HTTPS traffic from a victim’s web browser to a different TLS service endpoint located on another IP address to steal sensitive information. An expert with XSOC Corp offers perspective.