iPhone Hacking Tool GrayKey Techniques Outlined in Leaked Instructions

Developers and Publishers Must Act to Protect Apps

Appleinsider report iPhone hacking tool GrayKey techniques outlined in leaked instructions “Leaked instructions for GrayShift’s GrayKey iPhone unlocking device have surfaced, giving an idea of what the device intended for law enforcement officials can do, and how it works. GrayShift’s GrayKey is an infamous device used to unlock and pull data from iPhones and iPads owned by […]

Expert Commentary – EU to Launch Rapid Response Cybersecurity Team

With the breaking news which found that the European Union wants to launch a new cyber unit to respond to cyberattacks, according to a draft of the plan seen by POLITICO. The European Commission will present its plan on Wednesday to set up what it calls the “Joint Cyber Unit,” which would allow national capitals hit […]

Australians Lost 3x More To Scammers Via Bank Transactions Than Bitcoin Payments In 2020

Losing $1.8M in Phishing Hack

Bitcoin remains the most popular cryptocurrency playing a role as an investment vehicle and also a payment medium. However, scammers are exploring the payment aspect to defraud victims resulting in losses of millions of dollars. According to data compiled by cryptocurrency trading simulator Crypto Parrot, Australians lost an equivalent of AUD 26.65 million in scams […]

Tech Experts Discuss International Women in Engineering Day

International Women in Engineering Day 2021: How has the pandemic impacted gender diversity? Every June, the tech industry comes together to celebrate International Women in Engineering Day. Ada Lovelace springs back onto social feeds, talented women around the globe are championed, and talk inevitably turns to what can be done to encourage more women into […]

International Women In Engineering Day

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BACKGROUND: Today marks International Women in Engineering Day and we wanted to share a comment on how our education systems need to highlight female leaders and experiences. IWED is an international awareness campaign that celebrates the work and achievements of women engineers.

Threat Intelligence Expert On EU Joint Cyber Unit


BACKGROUND: The European Commission is today laying out a vision to build a new Joint Cyber Unit to tackle the rising number of serious cyber incidents impacting public services, businesses and citizens across the European Union.The Unit will allow national capitals hit by cyberattacks to ask for help from other countries and the EU, including […]