Worry For Hackers As Popular Online Forum Raidforums Goes Down

Encryption without Impacting Performance

Popular online hacker platform raidforums.com has been down for weeks, prompting rumours that the site was a legal target of a breach by government authorities. The site is especially popular with lower level or beginner-level cyber criminals and provides tools and techniques for hackers to use. Users attempting to access the site were met with the message: […]

BlackByte Ransomware Breached US Critical Infrastructure

Data Archives into Chaos

In response to reports that the FBI has announced that BlackByte ransomware has breached the networks of at least three organizations from US critical infrastructure sectors in the last three months, IT experts offer the following comments. 

Apple Patches Actively Exploited Zero-day

Apple has released emergency security updates to combat a new zero-day bug in its WebKit browser engine that is allowing threat actors to execute arbitrary code on vulnerable versions of iPads, iPhones, and MacOS devices. Apple said that it was aware of reports that this bug may have been actively exploited by cyber criminals. This […]

Ransom payments are tip of the iceberg for the true cost of ransomware

Calculating the true cost of a ransomware attack is a notoriously difficult task for businesses. There is the immediate cost of getting business operations up-and-running again but there is the reputational damage and break down in investor confidence to consider as well. According to a Ransomware Victims Report carried out in 2021, over half (55%) […]