Identity And Access Management Survey Finds 45% Of Organisations Have Deployed An Enterprise Password Management Solution

Includes large enterprises that wish to provide an extra layer of protection and user convenience, and SMBs with limited security budgets LastPass, the global leader in password management, today released the findings of an IDC Global Survey on Identity and Access Management by LastPass. The survey revealed that “balancing company security requirements and the employee […]

New Report Calls For Increased Industry Collaboration To Speed IoT Security Adoption

It has been reported that new research from PSA Certified 2022 was released yesterday. With regard to IoT security, the survey indicates a positive trend towards increasing the importance placed on security by companies. Almost nine out of ten (89%) believe that security is important to them, and almost half (47%) say that it is one of […]

Meyer Data Breach – Expert Commentary

A major US-based kitchenware giant  Meyer Corp has disclosed a cyber attack that may have led to the exposure of employee data. Meyer discovered an external hack to their employee database system, but is yet to confirm the number of employees impacted and the extent of the data breach.

Police Return £4m To Victims Of International Crypto Scam

Customer Data has been Stolen

The Greater Manchester Police have managed to return $22.3 million (equivalent to £15m*) in virtual currency to its rightful owners after successfully bringing down a dodgy crypto savings and trading service. To ensure the thugs behind this con are brought to justice, specialist officers from the Manchester police force were able to seize approximately 150 […]

Russian Cyber Criminals Pose An Increased Threat To UK Firms

Real Time Visibility into Targeted Phishing Attacks

With a cyber rapid-response team (CRRT) now being deployed across Europe after a call for help from Ukraine, and a full-scale Russian invasion imminent, cyber attacks are highly likely. With the EU proactively responding to the threat, organisations should follow suit and ensure their protection is up to speed.