Data of 820,000 NYC Students Compromised In Hack Of Online Grading System

In response to reports that the personal data of around 820,000 current and former New York City public school students was compromised in the hack of a widely-used online grading and attendance system earlier this year according to the US Dept. of Education, cyber security experts reacted below.

IcedID Targets Msoft Exchange Hijacking Campaign

Researchers at Intezer has reported a new hijacking campaign that targets Microsoft Exchange with the IcedID modular banking trojan. Researchers with Intezer described the new campaign, which initiates with a phishing email, as a further evolution of the threat actors’ technique. The researchers have seen this technique used to target organizations within energy, healthcare, law […]

2 New Security Incidents Happening Now

Building a Chrome Extension

Google Chrome Zero-Day Attack  Google Chrome experienced a zero-day attack (a zero-day attack is when a threat actor exploits a vulnerability before software developers are aware and can find a fix). The attack was reported to Google by an anonymous security researcher, and Google acknowledges that it is actively exploited in the wild. Google released […]

White Increase Cybersecurity Budget

The White House released its budget today for the fiscal year 2023, which includes up to $5.8 trillion to bolster cybersecurity defences for federal departments. The Biden administration said it “reprioritized cybersecurity by strengthening resilience at home and accelerating cooperation with allies and the private sector.” This move, the administration says, will further strengthen military […]