How To Minimise Your OT Blind Spots

In large industrial companies, IT administrators are dealing with the OT world more than ever before. From looking after the industrial Ethernet to ensuring the OT supporting infrastructure is healthy, the role of the IT administrator in these organisations has expanded significantly. The driving force behind this growing role is convergence. IT and OT areas […]

Russian Botnet Disrupted In International Cyber Operation – Expert Comments

Derived from News Release Summary: The U.S. DOJ, together with law enforcement partners in Germany, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom, have dismantled the infrastructure of a Russian botnet known as RSOCKS which hacked millions of computers and other electronic devices around the world. the RSOCKS botnet, operated by Russian cybercriminals, comprised millions of hacked […]

Why Fraud On Linkedin A ‘Significant Threat’ To Platform And Consumer

CNBC – SAN FRANCISCO — Fraudsters who exploit LinkedIn to lure users into cryptocurrency investment schemes pose a “significant threat” to the platform and consumers, according to Sean Ragan, the FBI’s special agent in charge of the San Francisco and Sacramento, California, field offices. “It’s a significant threat,” Ragan said in an exclusive interview. “This […]

Millions Seized In Global INTERPOL Scammer Investigation

As reported by Security Brief, a two-month-long investigation by INTERPOL between March and May this year involved 76 countries and clamped down on organised crime groups behind telecommunications and social engineering scams. INTERPOL says police in participating countries raided national call centres suspected of telecommunications or scamming fraud, particularly telephone deception, romance scams, email deception, […]

Google Stops Allowing Username And Passwords On Third-party Email Apps

How Authentication and Trust Online are Evolving

As reported by Neowin, couple of weeks ago, people started noticing that apps such as Outlook, Thunderbird, and other email clients started prompting them for their Google passwords. When they would re-enter their Google password, it would get rejected saying it was incorrect. Google started locking down its email service and how it connects to […]