Establishing Trust In An Online World With Digital Identity

Identity fraud remains a key threat and the number of cases recorded grew by 22% in 2021, accounting for 63% of all types of online fraud cases recorded to the National Fraud Database. If the rate and effectiveness of identity-based fraud attacks in past years are an indicator, the year ahead will likely be a […]

“Hi Mum” Phishing Scam Swindles Unsuspecting Parents

According to Bolton News, unsuspecting parents are being targeted by scammers in a re-emerging phishing scam that has seen victims lose thousands. A warning has been issued for the new ‘Hi Mum’ scam which sees fraudsters pose as a son or daughter asking for money to replace a lost phone, or because of a financial […]

120K Priority Health Members Impacted By Third-Party Data Breach

Following news that priority Health issued a notice about a third-party data breach that originated at the law firm Warner Norcross & Judd (WNJ) in October 2021 (, cyber security experts explain the risk of third party companies.

SASE – The Risk Of Over-rationalising


Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) are being encouraged to build a Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) migration plan to create a robust Zero Trust architecture, while also consolidating the security vendor suite. Yet, while the concept of single vendor SASE solutions may appear to meet goals for rationalising security costs and complexity, it creates untenable […]

Former Twitter Worker Convicted Of Spying For Saudi Arabia

"State-Sponsored" Cyber Attacks

According to ABC News, A former Twitter employee has been convicted of spying for Saudi Arabia after accessing private data on users critical of the kingdom’s government in a spy case that spanned from Silicon Valley to the Middle East. Ahmad Abouammo, a U.S. citizen and former media partnership manager for Twitter’s Middle East region, […]

Three Ransomware Gangs Consecutively Attacked The Same Network

Sophos X-Ops Active Adversary whitepaper, “Multiple Attackers: A Clear and Present Danger,” details finding Hive, LockBit and BlackCat, three prominent ransomware gangs, consecutively attacking the same network. The first two attacks took place within two hours, and the third attack took place two weeks later. Each ransomware gang left its own ransom demand, and some of the files were […]

Python Packages Discovered On The PyPI Repository

Following news that threat analysts have discovered ten malicious Python packages on the PyPI repository, used to infect developer’s systems with password-stealing malware, cyber security experts reacted below.